Collection of Tattoos made by Personal Tattoo Machine and stories bound to these Tattoos.

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When profesional takes over...

Our good friend and super talented Illustrator Ilona from designed for us this amazing exhibition piece showcasing her skills and potential of Personal Tattoo Machine. She got also little pencil on shoulder herself.

Seems like people like cats.

After Corian -A- Bero's success, Daniel decided to get his 2nd tattoo as well with PTM. Designed by his friend executed by Daniel himself; angry cat was born.


Daniel's tattoo describe him as a Chef. Its mixture of his two most favourite ingredients. Habanero Chilli peppers and Coriander.


Ralph doesn't even like cat's. Actually, he is allergic to them. 

Niu Niu

In memory of his beloved dog called Niu-Niu which translates as 'Shake your ass'.

Circle, Line, Arc

Yashu's Tattoo is simple line from index finger to thumb that change shape and meaning with her gestures.


Ondra’s tattoo is a hand growing from the foot. He wanted to use the symbol to tell a story of the idea of that there is creation where ever you walk.

Necker Cube

Phil chose a necker cube because firstly; he is an architect, and a necker cube is one of the most fundamental Euclidian geometric forms and then because it's also a very simple optical illusion where you can see either the top left square or bottom right square at the front. Its geometry can be read in two ways.

Absolute Happines

Rike's Tattoo of the Whale on her arm describes moment of absolute happiness she experienced few years ago on her trip to Canada. Happily sitting on the swing close to the coast. She realized she is experiencing great times surrounded by the most beautiful nature. She questioned in her mind if this can even get any better. At that exact moment when this thought crossed her mind, in the distance of the ocean big Whale appeared. 

Japanese Typography

Gemma & Stine picked matching tattoos for each other. Representing their nationalities, written in Japanese. One says 'bacon' and the other says 'tea cake'.

Past, Present & Future.

Micaella wanted to make sure she never forgot her goals. She chose this part of the body as a visible reminder, taking inspiration from many cultures when designing her tattoo. These too encapsulate the meaning of past present and future.

Do it!

Seongil's Tattoo says: do it in Korean. Pretty self explanatory.

Made on the boat.

Dagger and Diamond. Two of the many Tattoo’s Daniel have. Except that these ones are Self - made, on his own narrow boat floating through  London’s canals.


Family Crest

Ivie wanted to pay tribute to her ancestors so she chose the Eben, a Benin royal ceremonial sword once given to a high ranking warrior. When held in the right hand it is a weapon used to show honour to Oba (the king) and to demonstrate his highness' power and prestige. 

Family sign

Jakub's great grand father was a butcher. He have never met him but his father has always told him stories about him. When he was alive his shop and practice was most important aspect of family. Therefore cow is something like a family sign.